Can Dundar

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Westminster Debate with Can Dundar ‘Quo Vadis Turkiye?’

Mr Can Dundar is a journalist, columnist and author. He is currently editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet daily. He studied at London School of Journalism in the UK and holds a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Middle East Technical University (ODTU). He was a lecturer of Cultural Studies at Ankara University Faculty of Communication and at ODTU Political Sciences Public Administration. He worked for several newspapers and magazines including Yanki (1979-1983), Hürriyet (1983-1985), Nokta (1985), Haftaya Bakıs (1987), Soz (1987-1988) and Tempo (1988). Dundar began his TV career at state television TRT. He has made and presented several programmes and documentaries including ‘40 Dakika‘, ‘Canli Gaste’, ‘Sari Zeybek’, ‘Golgedekiler’, ‘Aynalar’. He has over 30 books published.

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