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Briefing on Turkey and Brexit

Briefing on Turkey and Brexit


Turkey and the UK are set to grow closer after Brexit as they put mutual interest above domestic concerns

  • Despite both countries experiencing periods of domestic instability, UK-Turkey relations continue to be defined by a pragmatic approach based on strong economic ties.
  • Brexit means that the Interest of Turkey and the UK will become increasingly aligned as both seek to renegotiate their relationship with the European Union.
  • The UK is eager to further develop trade links with Turkey as it attempts to diversify away from the European market, indicating that domestic factors will continue to have little influence on the relationship.

Turkey and the United Kingdom have both seen a period of instability at home coupled with uncertainty about the future of their relationships with the European Union. Despite this, London and Ankara have retained a pragmatic friendship. A recent report by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee acknowledged…

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Photo credit: British Embassy Ankara

22 June 2017




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