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Briefing on new reforms to Turkey’s education system

Briefing on new reforms to Turkey’s education system


26 October 2017

The polarising topic of education is back on the political agenda in Turkey, with the government and opposition making differing cases for change

  • Turkey’s education system is in need of reform, with the country slipping in international league tables of key subjects
  • The debate on the issue has become highly politicised, highlighting the differences between the government’s and opposition’s vision of Turkey’s future
  • Despite ideological differences over the changes, the biggest challenge facing Turkey’s education system is a top-down approach that has seen fifteen significant overhauls in as many years

Turkey is set to undergo another round of education reform with the announcement that a new National Monitoring Exam (Milli Izleme Sinavi – MIS) is set to replace the Transition from Primary to Secondary Education test (Temel Ogretimden Ortaogretime Gecis – TEOG). The changes are the latest attempt by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to modernise an education system that is widely accepted as…

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