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Briefing on Turkey-UK relations

Briefing on Turkey-UK relations


17 May 2018

Relations between Turkey and the UK are growing ever closer, with trade topping the agenda for both countries

  • Turkey and the UK are forging a closer relationship as they each loosen ties with the EU
  • Central to this is growing bilateral trade, most notably a series of defence deals
  • Closer ties have been facilitated by the relatively unpoliticised nature of their relationship, with both governments seeking to focus on their shared economic interests

President Erdogan has completed a three-day visit to the UK, culminating in talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May on May 15. Erdogan is not new to the country, having previously visited the UK on numerous occasions during his 12 year tenure as prime minister. But the recent trip is Erdogan’s first since becoming Turkey’s head of state in 2014, and has been comprised the full range of ceremonies that make up an official state visit, including an audience with the Queen…

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