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Briefing on the implications of a Turkish military operation in Iraq

Briefing on the implications of a Turkish military operation in Iraq


07 June 2018

The implications of Turkey formally launching a military operation in Iraq are likely to be domestic as much as regional 

  • The Turkish Armed Forces have been operating on the Iraqi side of the border since March
  • This has formed part of ongoing Turkish efforts to counter the influence of Kurdish militants along its southern borders
  • The formal announcement of an operation Iraq is now expected to come before upcoming elections this month, with significant political implications

On June 2, Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces General Hulusi Akar led an inspection of soldiers in the south eastern province of Hakkari. The visit has added to expectation that Turkey will formally announce a military operation in northern Iraq. Units from the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) stationed in Hakkari have already provided the basis for an incursion across the Iraqi border that has…

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