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Nominations begin for the 2nd British Kebab Awards

  Nominations begin for the 2nd British Kebab Awards  Preparations have been completed for the 2nd British Kebab and Retail Awards. Set out to become a tradition in the UK, British Kebab and Retail Awards was first organized in January. Candidate nominations have now begun for the award which is sponsored by the biggest takeaway […]

New UK Trade Delegation to Turkey Planned

  November 2012 High profile Turkish and British politicians met today to discuss a new UK trade delegation to Turkey for Spring 2013. Turkish Ambassador to the UK Ahmet Ünal Çeviköz met with Nick de Bois MP who is a  member of advisory board of the Centre for Turkey Studies and Vice Chair of the […]

Centre for Turkey Studies Met with the Conservative Party

  Monday, 12 November 2012  London based Centre for Turkey Studies continues to hold meetings. After meeting the Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, Andy Love Labour MP and many other officials, the centre met with the Conservative Party politicians of the government and discussed recent developments in Turkey. Many prominent politicians were present at the […]

Centre for Turkey Studies and Foreign Policy Centre Joint Forum

‘Democratisation in Turkey’   October 2011 House of Commons Centre for Turkey Studies and the Foreign Policy Centre co-hosted a public meeting in the House of Commons with an acclaimed panel of speakers including: Lord Alderdice, Nick de Bois MP, Firdevs Robinson (Journalist), Jonathan Fryer and Adam Hug (Academic). The discussion focused on democratisation and […]

Nick de Bois MP Says “I Support the Centre for Turkey Studies”

Although it has been just over a year since its inauguration in 2011, the Centre for Turkey Studies has operated ceaselessly and organised events and activities. Also, the support for the Centre for Turkey Studies from political party members across the political spectrum in the UK continues to increase. Director of the Centre for Turkey […]


The Centre for Turkey Studies is an independent and non-partisan organisation inaugurated in April 2011 with the support of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in London. “ to serve as a Turkey-focused public policy forum for the British public and its communities originating from Turkey, and to create a dialogue between experts from Turkey and […] Read more


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