Dr Kerem Altiparmak


Dr Kerem AltiparmakDr Kerem Altiparmak

Westminster Debate ‘Freedom of Expression during the EU Accession Process’

Altiparmak is currently the Director of the Human Rights Centre at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University where he teaches human rights law. He has worked with a number of human rights NGO’s inTurkey. At present Dr Altiparmak is working with the Human Rights Joint Platform on respectively ‘Monitoring of the Implementation of the ECtHR Judgements inTurkey’ and ‘From Impunity to Accountability’. His research interests include ECHR, freedom of expression, prohibition of torture, theories of rights, and impunity. Dr Altiparnak English publication include “The European System for the Protection of Human Rights in Crisis: The End of the Road?” (2009), “Human Rights Act: Extra-territorial Application” (2008), “Internet: Restricted Access – A Critical Assessment of Internet Content Regulation and Censorship in Turkey’ (with Yaman Akdeniz), “After Sahin: The Debate on Headscarves is not Over’ (with Onur Karahanogullari, 2006), “Bancovic: An Obstacle to the Application of the European Convention on Human Rights in Iraq (2004), “The Application of the Concept of Continuing Violence to the Duty to Investigate, Prosecute and Punish under International Human Rights Law (2003), and 21-25 Turkish Yearbook of Human Rights, Volume 3.

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