Gulseren Onanc


Westminster Debate ‘Academic Freedom in Turkey’

Ms Gulseren Onanc is an Assembly Member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP). She was a Member of the Central Executive Committee, as deputy chairperson of the CHP and assumed the responsibility of managing the Party’s public relations between 2012 and 2013. She has an MBA from Michigan State University. Upon graduation, Onanc took on many business roles in prominent Turkish and international businesses including Eczacibasi, Balsu and Ferroro. She developed numerous consumer good brands and founded Ticketturk, online ticketing company in 2003. Onanç was among the founders of KAGIDER (Entrepreneur Women Association of Turkey), founded in 2003. Onanc served as the President of KAGIDER from 2007 to the end of 2011. She played an active role in the establishment of the Commission of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. In 2009, Onanc received the “World of Difference Award” from the International Alliance of Women (TIAW).

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