Ozlem Eylem


Ozlem Eylem is a PhD student and researcher at the Virje Universiteit Amsterdam at the Department of Clinical Psychology in the Netherlands and at Wolfson Institute at Queen Mary University of London. Her primary interest is in global mental health more specifically in tailoring mental health services according to the culturally and ethnically diverse populations. In this regard, her PhD project is on adapting an e-health intervention for suicidal thinking according to the Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot diaspora in Europe and testing its acceptability and effectiveness in reducing suicidal thinking. She has been awarded with a grant to conduct this research by the European Commission and more recently she has been recently awarded with the full tuition scholarship by the Beck CBT Institute Philadelphia to present her work to Aeron T. Beck and Judith Beck. Overall, she has a passion in contributing to the improvement of the accessibility of the mental health services for diverse service-user populations beyond academia. There is more information through this link http://www.wolfson.qmul.ac.uk/a-z-staff-profiles/ozlem-eylem

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