Mary Lou McDonald TD’s Message of Support for CEFTUS 7th Anniversary


”May I congratulate CEFTUS on its 7th Anniversary and for the work it does to promote and uphold human rights and equality for all Turkish, Turkish-Cypriot, and Kurdish citizens.

CEFTUS provides a positive and open forum for meaningful and inclusive debate. Our experience of the Irish peace process leads us to believe that inclusive dialogue, involving all protagonists, is central to establishing a conflict resolution process, dealing with the causes of conflict and all issues related to it. Talking remains the best path towards reconciliation.

The deterioration of democratic accountability in Turkey; the continued repression of the Kurdish people; the ongoing conflict in neighbouring Syria; and the refugee crisis in the region has meant that the work and expertise CEFTUS provides has never been more crucial.

Through its public debates, research papers, and international delegations CEFTUS makes a credible contribution towards the efforts to build a lasting peace in the region. Maith thú.”

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