Prof. Helen Duffy


CEFTUS Online Meeting: Limits Of Supranational Justice – The European Court Of Human Rights And Turkey’s Kurdish Conflict

Prof. Helen Duffy has been a staff member of the Grotius Centre since January 2015 when she was appointed as Gieskes Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Professor Duffy currently teaches Masters courses: ‘International Protection of Human Rights’ and ‘Humanitarian law, Human Rights and Terrorism’. In addition, she also runs ‘Human Rights in Practice,’ an international practice based in the Hague that specializes in strategic litigation before regional and international human rights courts and bodies ( She held a variety of international legal positions prior to establishing her practice in 2011 including: Legal Director of INTERIGHTS, Legal Officer in the Prosecutor’s office of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Counsel to Human Rights Watch/New York, Legal Director of the Centre for Human Rights Legal Action (Guatemala), Legal Adviser to the UK ‘Arms for Iraq’ Inquiry and Legal Officer in the UK government legal service. Prof. Duffy is Honorary Professor at the University of Glasgow and visiting professor at the University of Melbourne and American University. She serves on the advisory boards of several organisations. Her publications on international law and practice include The ‘War on Terror’ and the Framework of International law’ (CUP, 2015) and Strategic Human Rights Litigation: Understanding and Maximising Impact (Hart Publishing, 2018). Her current areas of research include human rights litigation, the interplay of human rights and humanitarian law and several issues related to counter-terrorism, human rights and the rule of law.

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