The Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) is an independent and non-partisan organisation based in London. Our mission is to build bridges between the UK, Turkey, and the region.

Our History

CEFTUS was inaugurated with the support of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in April 2011. We receive cross-party and cross-community support in the UK and Turkey and do not owe any allegiance to any government, political party, or institution.

What We Do

  • Open Forums: CEFTUS provides an open forum promoting expert opinions and debates focusing on Turkey-UK relations, foreign affairs, economic issues, and social developments in Turkey and the region.
  • Events: We host experts, leading politicians, academics, and opinion-formers from Britain, Turkey, and beyond. Our events include monthly speaker series, panel discussions, and dinner events held at the UK Parliament, think tanks, academic institutions, and locations in the City of London.
  • Research: CEFTUS conducts research into the changing political, social, and business landscape of Turkey and its region, providing insights into Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. We produce regular briefings and analyses for a range of audiences on various thematic areas.

Contact Us

For more information on our projects and services, please contact us at: Email: [email protected]