Briefing on Syrian refugees in Turkey

Syrian refugees in Turkey are becoming an increasingly political issue as they look set to help shape the country’s future.   

  • Tukey is now the biggest host of refugees in the world, with a much higher number of Syrian people staying for a longer period than the government had initially anticipated.
  • Difficulty integrating this new Syrian population has left them vulnerable to exploitation and has caused tension with existing communities.
  • The Syrian community is just the latest to leave its mark on the Anatolian region, which will have its own political and economic implications.

As of June 15, there were 3,049,879 Syrian refugees registered in Turkey, with the unofficial figure likely to be higher. This is the biggest refugee population anywhere in the world and makes up roughly 4% of Turkey’s population. Only around 9% of Syrian refugees in Turkey are hosted in camps…

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Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons / Henry Ridgwell

06 July 2017