Briefing on Turkey’s recent military incursion into North Iraq

02 November 2017

Turkish intervention in Iraq comes as the two countries put recent differences aside to focus on their shared interests in the region post-ISIS

  • The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have undertaken a series of operations against Kurdish militants in North Iraq, their most significant action in the country for nearly a decade
  • The move is part of growing cooperation between Turkey and Iraq against Kurdish groups emboldened since the decline of the Islamic State (ISIS)
  • It marks a remarkable turnaround in relations between the two countries, which were on the brink of war 12 months ago

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have launched an incursion into North Iraq, attacking Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) positions in the Zap region. Following several weeks of airstrikes by the Turkish Airforce, commando units have been used to…

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Photo credit: @PhilB6vis