Briefing on Turkey’s tourism industry and economy

Turkey’s formerly successful tourism industry has been hit hard by the regional and global security concerns of the last year, hurting Turkey’s economy, which is showing resilience amid hardship.

  • The security concerns of 2016 seriously dented Turkey’s tourism industry, impacting the economy, with 2017 and beyond predicted to be even worse.
  • The tourism industry plays a significant role in the economy and in job creation, and will be difficult to replace.
  • Turkey’s economy is facing a number of challenges and unemployment is rising but the government has introduced a number of measures to tackle these issues.

Turkey’s tourism industry took a big hit in 2016, largely as a result of a string of terrorist attacks and the attempted coup d’état. Tensions with Russia, which in 2015 provided 10% of Turkey’s tourists, also had a negative impact. In 2015, the number of European visitors, making up just over half of all visitors, declined by 30% and official figures show an approximate 24% decrease in all entries to the country in 2016 compared to 2015. Figures collected for the start of 2017 are…

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1 June 2017

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