CEFTUS briefing on Turkey and US sanctions on Iran

08 November 2018

Turkey is unwilling to downgrade ties with Iran even as it seeks to rebuild its relationship with the US

  • Turkey has successfully lobbied to be included among the countries granted a 180-day exemption from US sanctions on Iran
  • Ankara – Tehran relations are underpinned by Turkey’s reliance on Iranian energy imports
  • Turkey and Iran’s interests at a regional level are also increasingly aligning against those of the US

On Monday 5, the US imposed its second and final round of sanctions on Iran. Initial sanctions in August banned any transactions with Iran involving US dollars, gold, precious metals, aluminum, steel, commercial passenger aircraft and coal. As well as targeting Iran’s banking sector, shipping industry, and national airline, the second sanctions have focused on Iranian oil exports. However, the US has granted eight countries, including Turkey, 180-day exemptions. US officials stated the exemptions were given to countries which had agreed to dramatically reduce oil imports from Iran..

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