Centre for Turkey Studies 3rd Anniversary


The London-based Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) will host an Anniversary Reception & Dinner to celebrate the achievements of CEFTUS over the past year. The event will take place in Marriot Grosvenor Hotel on 28 April 2014.

The CEFTUS Anniversary Reception & Dinner is a preeminent social and networking event with many senior government representatives and honourable members of the Houses of Parliament alongside senior representatives from Turkey’s world of politics, media, business and academia. The centre will also host the 3rd Community Achievement Awards to celebrate British individuals and institutions originating from Turkey and Cyprus for their positive contributions to their communities and Britain as a whole.

Jury of the 3rd CEFTUS Community Achievement Awards had their first meeting in the centre’s office in Trafalgar Square. Jury members Dr Teoman Sırrı, businessman Mustafa Topkaya, Councillor Yusuf Çiçek, manager Sercan Erkaslan, public relations consultant İpek Özerim, accountant Aysel Engüzekli, structural engineer and designer Hasan Dikme and CEFTUS Director Ibrahim Dogus discussed awards categories and nominations.

CEFTUS Director Dogus indicated that the awards are not only to celebrate achievements of successful members of our communities but also encourage future generations by presenting role-models. He added that many number of businesses, NGOs and other organisations will attend CEFTUS anniversary as well as members of the House of Commons who would like to take the opportunity of meeting our communities before elections in 2015.

Awards nominations are welcomed from public and can be made on ceftus.org or via [email protected].

Please see categories of the 3rd CEFTUS Community Achievement Awards below.

1-      Business Award for Male/Female Role Model

2-      Community Award for Male/Female Role Model

3-      Manufacturing and Retail Award

4-      Media/Digital Media Award

5-      Arts and Culture Award

6-      Politics Award

7-      Professional Services Award

8-      Education Award

9-      Innovation Award

10-   Young Entrepreneur Award

11-   Wholesalers/Suppliers Award

12-   Non-profit Organisation Award

13-   Lifelong Achievement Award