Dr Tunc Aybak Joins Debate on Voice of Russia Radio: ‘Will Protests in Turkey Strengthen Country’s Democracy?’


18 June 2013

‘What began in late May as a protest by environmentalists upset at government plans to build on a public park that adjoined Taksim Square has grown into a movement against Turkish Prime Minister. The protests have presented Erdogan with the biggest challenge to his 10 year leadership.

To discuss the protests in Turkey, VoR’s Brendan Cole is joined by:

Dr Tunc Aybak, Program Coordinator of International Relations of Middlesex University and Advisor at Centre for Turkey Studies

Michael Binyon, Foreign Affairs specialist and writer for The Times

Fadi Hakura, Manager of the Turkey Project at Chatham House

Ayla Jean Yackley, Reuters journalist in Turkey’

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Photo: VoiceofRussia London InStudio