Dr Ilke Toygur

CEFTUS Online Talk “TR/GR Relationships and USA”

Dr Ilke Toygür is Analyst of European Affairs at Elcano Royal Institute and CATS Fellow in German Institute for International and Security Studies (SWP). Her main research areas include European integration, EU institutions, political parties and elections in Western Europe, EU’s foreign policy, transatlantic relations and Turkish politics. After completing her studies in Economics she worked for more than two years in Economic Development Foundation (IKV), a Turkish think-tank focusing on the European Union and Turkey-EU relations. In 2016, she completed her PhD degree in Political Science in the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the Autonomous University of Madrid. Right before completing her PhD, she was granted the prestigious Mercator-IPC Fellowship in Istanbul Policy Center, Sabancı University. Ilke has been a Visiting Researcher in European University Institute (EUI), University of Mannheim, and Brookings Institution. She is a Fellow of Transatlantic Relations Initiative of the IE University and serves as a Board Member of Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA). Ilke is native in Turkish and also speaks fluent English and Spanish.