CEFTUS Membership and Subscription

Membership and subscriptions are available for both individuals and organizations.

Basic Subscription: £10/month

  • With a basic subscription, you will receive invitations to regular CEFTUS events in London.

Basic Membership: Invites to regular CEFTUS events as well as private roundtables and receptions: £50/month

  • Members receive a basic subscription and in addition, can attend any CEFTUS round table events and receptions.

Executive Membership: Weekly briefings, daily news digests, in-depth briefings, priority access to roundtables and analyst calls: £180/month

  • Executive members receive all subscription products, as well as priority access to roundtables, which gives them priority over regular members for places, as well as access to the speaker. In addition, they are also entitled to two analyst conversations a month, by phone.

Member of the Board: Become a member of Ceftus’ board. Contact us for more details.

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