Briefing on the growing influence of the Nationalist Action Party

12 July 2018

Having increasingly defined the political agenda, the Nationalist Action Party (MHP) is set to shape Turkey’s next government

  • The Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) failure to win an outright majority in parliament leaves it increasingly reliant on its Nationalist Action Party (MHP) allies
  • This marks the culmination of a process that has seen the two parties progressively converge, with the AKP embracing the MHP’s agenda
  • The MHP’s influence is likely to further reinforce, rather than substantially alter, the AKP government’s increasingly nationalist positioning at a domestic and international level

The Nationalist Action Party’s (MHP) strong performance at the recent elections has ended the opposition’s hopes of challenging newly empowered President Erdogan through parliament. Contrary to the available polling data, which predicted the party would be substantially diminished, the MHP won 11% of the vote and 49 seats, counter-balancing the failure of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) to win an overall majority.

The ultranationalist MHP is now expected to transform its electoral alliance with the AKP into a governing coalition…

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