CEFTUS Met with Tony Blair and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP


The Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) attended a Labour Party fundraising dinner for 2015 general elections candidates; Luciana Berger Labour MP for Liverpool-Wavertree and Gloria De Piero MP for Ashfield at Radisson Hotel, London.

Many distinguished guests including Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP and former Prime Minister Tony Blair were present at this splendid dinner. Director of the Centre for Turkey Studies, Ibrahim Dogus, owner of the daily Olay, Nural Ezel and Solicitor Sadiye Aslan also attended.

Tony Blair, in his speech, criticised the coalition government and noted that Britain needs a Labour government for improvements in economy and people’s lives. He added that the measures that the coalition government has taken since they took power have not benefitted the middle class, but the rich people.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP also indicated that the lower and middle classes of Britain still struggle with the burden of the financial crisis, however, the rich enjoy policies delivered by the coalition government.

Both speakers wished the two candidates Luciana Berger MP and Gloria De Piero MP best of luck in the election run-up.

CEFTUS members and supporters had a chance to talk with Tony Blair and Ed Balls MP. Balls congratulating the work of CEFTUS stated CEFTUS is building a significant and strong bridge between Turkey and the UK.

Ed Balls MP added that he would like to join the second British Kebab Awards on the 14th January 2013.

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CEFTUS members and supporters who attended this dinner were Hüseyin Ucar, Can Ucar, Hanım Ucar, İsmail Gündeş, Nursel Gündeş, Özlem Kesim, İzzet Kesim, Menoor Samji, Seda Samji, Nural Ezel, Sadiye Arslan Allsop, Lyuba Karakaneva, Remus Robu, Ali Matur, Ali Gül Özbek, Türkan Budak, Rizgar Wan, Mr Altan Kemal, Mustafa Topkaya, Nurfer Kolukisa, Sebastian Merick, Aysegul Merick, Songul Özkan, Özlem Yüce, Sercan Erkaslan, Senem Erkaslan and Raife Aytek.