Westminster Debates

‘Turkey’s Coup of 15th July: Unity in the Midst of Crisis?’

The Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) is delighted to invite you to a public forum with Dr Sinan Ciddi, Executive Director of Institute of Turkish Studies and Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown University. This event will be kindly chaired by Bill Park, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Defence Studies, King’s College. Please see speaker biography […]

Westminster Debate with Ece Temelkuran ‘Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy’

To celebrate the launch of her new book Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy, the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) invites you to join the noted and renowned Turkish commentator and novelist Ece Temelkuran for a discussion about her work and the political crisis unfolding in Turkey. This event will take place between 8pm and 9pm […]

Westminster Debate with Can Dundar ‘Quo Vadis Turkiye?’

29 June 2016 House of Commons CEFTUS was pleased to welcome journalist and author Mr Can Dundar to the House of Commons for a talk on the nature of politics in modern Turkey, especially with regards to press freedoms and the EU. Dundar began by talking about the desperate nature of press freedoms in Turkey, […]

Westminster Debate ‘Turkey: Analysis on Political Changes and Potential Scenarios for Future’

9 June 2016 House of Commons This Westminster Debate was kindly hosted by Neil Coyle, Labour MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark. The keynote speaker was Mr Ahmet Hakan, Turkish columnist and TV presenter. Mr Ahmet writes daily columns for Hurriyet and has presented the popular current affairs programme Tarafsiz Bolge on CNNTurk since 2005, as well as […]

Joint Forums

CEFTUS and English PEN Roundtable with Can Dundar

English PEN, in partnership with the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) hosted a roundtable discussion with the leading Turkish editor and journalist Can Dündar on 29 June. Dundar and journalists discussed press freedom and the challenges to freedom of expression in Turkey. Can Dündar is editor-in-chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet. He is currently appealing a […]

‘Changing Kurdish Dynamics in the Middle East’

CEFTUS and LSE Middle East Centre Joint Forum ‘Changing Kurdish Dynamics in the Middle East’ 19 April 2016 House of Commons The forum was hosted by Labour MP Sharon Hodgson for Washington & Sunderland West. The forum came as the hundred year anniversary of the Sykes-Picot agreement nears. The Sykes-Picot agreement saw the defining of […]

CEFTUS and IPC Istanbul Roundtable Meeting on ‘Post-Election Turkey’

Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)-Sabanci University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative and the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) organised a roundtable meeting entitled “Post-Election Turkey” on Friday, January 15, 2016. The meeting elaborated on Turkey’s domestic dynamics and foreign policy following the last elections. This event was a continuation of two meetings held by IPC and CEFTUS in the British […]

RWCA, CEFTUS and Kurdish Progress Public Forum with HDP Co-Chair Figen Yuksekdag

30 November 2015, House of Commons Our event in partnership with Refugee Workers Cultural Association (RWCA) and the Centre for Kurdish Progress was chaired by Lord William Wallace and Joan Ryan MP for Enfield and was hosted Seema Malhotra MP in the House of Commons. Mrs Figen Yuksekdag’s speech was translated by Andrew Penny. Mrs […]


Turkey, Syria and the Kurds – The Never-ending Conflict

By Gabriella Twinning The latest bombing at a wedding party in the eastern border city of Gaziantep, along with bombings of military and police vehicles in Van and Elazig, should have sent shockwaves through Turkish society. However, attacks of this kind have unfortunately become commonplace in Turkey’s recent history. President Erdogan, in his address to […]

Turkish News Weekly Briefing 15th-22nd August 2016

By Andrew Leech At 9.20am local time last Thursday, emergency services rushed to the police headquarters in Elazığ, Eastern Turkey. They were called after a massive explosion tore through the building where officers desperately searched through the debris for their colleagues. Three officers were reported killed by the blast with 146 injured (1). The attack […]

Turkish News Weekly Briefing 8th-14th August

By Andrew Leech This week in Turkey began with a phenomenal rally on Sunday 8th unprecedented in Turkish history, which much more than a million people attended to express support for their elected government almost a month after a failed coup attempt against it. For the first time in years Turkey’s president, ruling party and two opposition parties […]

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The Centre for Turkey Studies is a non-profit organisation that organises monthly speaker series, panel discussions, round tables and dinner events in the UK Parliament, think tanks, academic institutions and the City of London.   Founded in 2011, the Centre has achieved a lot in 5 years, establishing itself as a cultural leader in Turkish, […]


Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece OBE

Born in London to Turkish-Cypriot parents, Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece was elected to Hackney Council as a Labour Party councillor for the Clissold ward in 1994 and became deputy leader in 1995 and 1996. She was the first woman from a Turkish/Cypriot background elected to public office in the UK. She then joined the Liberal Democrats […]

Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci

Ibrahim Sirkeci is Ria Financial Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing and the Director of the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies (RCTS) at Regent’s University London (UK). He holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Sheffield (UK) and a BA in Political Science and Public Administration from Bilkent University (Turkey). Prior to joining […]

Gareth Winrow

Gareth M. Winrow is currently an independent research analyst and consultant based in Oxford. He is also presently a tutor at Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education. He has worked in Turkey for twenty years where he was a Professor in the Department of International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University. A recipient of two NATO […]

Stephen Kinnock MP

Stephen Kinnock: Parliamentary Candidate for Aberavon Stephen Kinnock was born in Tredegar in 1970, and has kept strong and continuing links to South Wales throughout his life. He joined the Labour Party when he was 15 and is a proud member of Community trade union and the Co-operative Party. Following comprehensive school he went to […]

Our Speakers

Patrick Cockburn

Joint Forum “The Crisis in Iraq: Unexpected Alliances, Western Intervention and the Kurdistan Question” Patrick Cockburn is a correspondent for teh Independent, as well as author of “The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising”. Related posts: Dr Liam Fox MP Lord Maurice Glasman Dr Soner Cagaptay Ertugrul Kurkcu

Dr Ismail Besikci

Westminster Debate ‘Destruction of the Near East and the Kurdistan Issue’ Joint Forum Turkey’s Kurdish Question: Past, Present and Future Dr Ismail Besikci, a Turkish sociologist, critic of Kemalism, and Kurdologist. He has written extensively on Turkey’s Kurds and their rights. He is regarded as an icon for freedom of speech as he was imprisoned for […]

Bill Park

Bill Park Academic Westminster Debate ‘Syria and Turkey’s Foreign Policy’   Bill Park is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Defence Studies, King’s College, London University, and is based at the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham. He is the author of journal articles, book chapters, and monographs on a range of Turkish foreign policy issues, including its […]

Etyen Mahcupyan

  CEFTUS Roundtable “Understanding the Transformation; AK Party Era in Turkey” Mr Etyen Mahçupyan received his BA degree in Chemical Engineering from Boğaziçi University, his first Master’s degree in Business Administration from Boğaziçi University, and his second Master’s degree in Political Science from Ankara University. He previously wrote columns for Turkish national daily newspapers Radikal, […]


Background of Communities in the UK

There are over 350,000 Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriots living and working in the United Kingdom; their settlement in the UK took place in distinct phases since the 1950s. As with many immigrant communities, they represent diverse communities with different socio-economic status, religious backgrounds, regional origins, and various motives for migrating to the UK. It […]


To host forums, round tables and panel discussions dealing with subjects related to the analysis of Turkey’s: Domestic politics, foreign affairs and economic development; Accession process to the European Union; Relationship with the UK, EU, Middle East and North Africa, Black Sea region, Central Asia and the Caucasus; Increasing geostrategic importance as energy conduit to […]

CEFTUS New Team Meeting

  June 2013 The London based Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) continues to grow. The centre’s new team came together in June to discuss short and long term plans. The Centre for Turkey Studies, with a view to implementing a more institutional structure, has started working together with current and new members of different professions […]


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