CEFTUS hosted an Eid-Al-Fitr Reception in the Jubilee Room

Reflecting on a Joyous Eid-Al-Fitr Reception!

London, May 1, 2024 – The Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) convened last evening at the Westminster Palace for a Ramadan celebration event sponsored by Bob Seely MP.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the distinguished speakers whose invaluable contributions enriched our recent Eid-Al-Fitr reception. Their presence and insights added immense depth to the occasion, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie.

Firstly, we express our gratitude to Bob Seely MP for graciously hosting the evening and setting the tone for a memorable gathering. His presence added a touch of distinction to the event, and we are grateful for his support.

We are equally honoured by the attendance of Paul Scully MP and Deidre Brock MP, whose esteemed presence lent further credibility to our celebration. Their participation underscored the significance of Eid-Al-Fitr as a time for unity and shared understanding.

Dr. Sheik Raymz, the Director of the Oxford Islamic Information Centre, deserves special commendation for his enlightening discourse. His profound knowledge and guidance provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the cultural and spiritual significance of Eid-Al-Fitr.

Furthermore, we extend our appreciation to Mr. Mehmet Nezir Korkut from CEFTUS and County Motors for sharing his leadership experiences and community initiatives. His insights served as a source of inspiration for all those in attendance, highlighting the importance of proactive engagement within our communities.

Mr. Shokat Ali, distinguished community member and Chair of British Muslims for Labour, delivered an inspiring message that resonated with attendees. His words of wisdom and encouragement reminded us of the strength and resilience found in our diverse community.

Additionally, we extend a warm thank you to Abdal Ullah, Chairman of British Bangladeshi Power, and Nahas Pasa, Vice Chairman of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, for their valuable contributions to the event. Their presence added further depth to our celebration, highlighting the diversity and richness of our community.

Last but not least, we thank Councillor Moin Quadri for his insightful remarks on the significance of diversity and active community participation. His contribution further emphasized the importance of fostering inclusivity and collaboration within our society.

In conclusion, we are immensely grateful to all the speakers for their contributions to our Eid-Al-Fitr reception. Their collective efforts have left an indelible mark on our celebration, and we look forward to building upon the momentum generated by this event in the days to come.

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